Cheeky Observer | Cheeky Observer Concept Art
Artwork produced for Bright Day Studio Open Exhibition, 2016
Cheeky Observer, Alicia McFadzean, art, concept, portrait, painting, hand lettering, type, design, Cape Town, Bright Day Studio, Woodstock
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Series: “Layers” | Cape Town

Acrylic on Canvas
Artworks produced for the Bright Day Open Studio Exhibition
May 26, Woodstock Cape Town
When I think about the human figure, I imagine and beautiful fleshy shell, which can be ‘peeled’ to reveal the infinite layers which are our thoughts and emotions, and the tiny bits of the world we have absorbed each day as we learn something new, all mashed together to form a unique personality and disposition.
The more I read, research and observe, the more I’ve come to understand the transformative potential of the human mind, and it’s ability to create change. Science has proven that by transforming our thoughts, we have the ability to change how our bodies work, starting at cellular level and then reaching outwards to mould our external existence. The cultural environment around us of course heavily influences the way we think, often building constructs and limitations in our minds. However, I believe that by simply being aware of this, we can consciously change our thoughts, break down the blocks and bring about transformation within the world around us.
And right now the world needs change, more than ever.