Cheeky Observer | Faces Of Femininity: The Goddess
Fine art / portraiture by Cheeky Observer (artist Alicia McFadzean)
fine art, portrait, African art, Alicia McFadzean
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Faces Of Femininity: Goddess

This series is a reflection on femininity, with her many subtleties, strengths and the different faces she pulls on and off as she moves through the world.

Though I had less canvases to paint than faces observed amongst wearers, I chose to focus on the three I collide with most frequently, living in the very beautiful but often harsh African continent.


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 91.5 x 91.5cm


The Goddess

her face is a beautiful paradox
both aged and ageless
her presence, striking
a wild fierceness
tapered with sensuality and a hint of grace
she nurses a swirling chaos
gathered generationally through blood and bone
the totality of feminine mysteries
in a world that’s cracking and splitting
a silliness of its own making
this sacred role
of mother, of guardian, of goddess
craves consciousness
not simply remembered as if but a dream
needed desperately
to restore natural rhythms
of balance, connection
of spirit and peace

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