Cheeky Observer | 'Resonate' - 7.83hz Artwork
Typography and cymatics collide in this contemporary artwork which visualises the Schumann Resonance - 7.83hertz. By artist Alicia McFadzean.
schumann resonance, 7.83hz, typography, cymatic, visualisation, artist, south africa, contemporary art
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The symbol at the heart of this artwork is a cymatic visualisation of 7.83hertz. 

Called the Schumann Resonance (after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann), 7.83hz is the average electromagnetic resonance that occurs in the cavity between between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere. 

This frequency is the heartbeat of the earth that links us together. It exists in sync with all living things on the planet and sets the tempo for our wellbeing. 

7.83 hertz is the human brain’s average alpha frequency. It has been proven to affect heart and bodily coherence (essentially our health), psychic phenomena and enhanced creativity. 


An awareness of this beautiful, invisible energy matrix also calls us to consider our relationship with the natural world from yet another perspective – one which recognises man-made electromagnetic frequencies and the devices that broadcast them as a toxic cage, and that our blind disconnection from the natural environment is essentially a disconnection from self.

We are all one in the same.