Cheeky Observer | Faces Of Femininity Series | The Child
A series of portrait based artworks, that offers up a reflection on femininity, with her many subtleties, strengths and the different faces she pulls on and off as she moves through the world. By artist Alicia McFadzean (Cheeky Observer).
portrait, portraiture, Cape Town, South African art, Alicia McFadzean, Cheeky Observer, contemporary art, artist
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The Child

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 91.5 x 91.5cm


an engine of enchantment,
this imagination
which simply sparkles
gamboling unfettered across a playground
of tiny corridors
sheets of tin and lashes of wire
set ironically against mountains and majesty,
plants stretch their leafy limbs towards her
animals do not shy away
delighted to graze against her aura of innocence

but every light casts a shadow aspect
and in a moment that teaches her to fight or take flight
reflex and memory sink swiftly into skin
the choice is inevitable and will seek to define her –
grow up an orphan, a victim eternal
or heal and emerge victorious
this time aware
to the genius that is childhood