Cheeky Observer | Syntropy
Alicia McFadzean (Cheeky Observer) is a visual artist based in Sydney and Cape Town, specialising in murals, typography, illustration and fine art.
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Syntropy is the essence of life.


It describes the law of organisation, the ability of complex forms to gather consciously in the business of creating something new, something vital.

Like the formation of a new galaxy, amongst the ruins of collapsed stars and the cosmic debris of an older galaxy. On the micro level we could consider the formation of cells to grow into a living organism as an example of syntropy.

By definition it is the antithesis of entropy – the other side of the universal coin – which describes dissent into chaos and disorder.


For this typographic artwork I chose to incorporate sacred geometric line work (the egg of life) as the visual language to illustrate the cohesive, cyclical nature of syntropic phenomena.