Cheeky Observer | Faces Of Femininity Series | The Thinker
The third artwork in a series by artist Alicia McFadzean that explores feminine archetypes. Created in Cape Town, 2017, for a group exhibition in association with the International Public Art Festival Cape Town (IPAFest)
portrait, South African Art, Australian art, portrait art, contemporary art, Cheeky Observer, IPAFest
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The Thinker

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 91.5 x 91.5cm


the first is the Thinker
the erudite, the inventor, the young sage
knowledge enables her to design the architecture of her existence
it empowers her to move through the world with confidence
she is propelled to share what she has gathered
for all information is only borrowed
it grows richer with every mind it occupies
breaking down barriers built by ignorance, ego or power
and with clear vision
sounding out a symphony of change