Cheeky Observer | Butterfly Mural, Sea Point Promenade | Cape Town
'Chrysalis' Mural by Cheeky Observer (artist Alicia McFadzean), located on the Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town.
Cape Town, Sea Point, Promenade, butterfly, mural, street art, graffiti, South Africa, Cheeky Observer, painting
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Chrysalis | Sea Point Mural

Mural @ Sea Point Promenade,
Cape Town, South Africa


This artwork draws upon the symbolism of the butterfly, as a creature that embraces a time of self contained darkness in order to transmute and evolve into something far more exquisite.
A caterpillar goes into its cocoon with grace and knowing.
We, humanity, have the opportunity to recognise this moment of volatility, despite its challenges, as a sacred opportunity to examine the programming which has had us malfunctioning as a people for so long. 


I started this piece just before we were given orders to retreat into COVID-19 lockdown, finishing two months later once restrictions had eased. The symbolism was not lost on me.

This time has shone a clear light on the flawed capitalist system that runs our society, has given us a glimpse as to what our skies could look like without pollution, and most recently, demonstrated our capacity to band together to fight systemic racism. 


Though our period of growth has only just begun, change is inevitable.
Within the darkness it is always possible to develop wings.


Special thanks to SJ Artists and the Nicola Ward from local council for organising the wall for me.