Cheeky Observer | Lettering & Illustration
Alicia McFadzean (Cheeky Observer) is a visual artist based in Sydney and Cape Town, specialising in murals, typography, illustration and fine art.
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Inospace Mural
Cheeky Observer Art Studio

Of Lines & Letters

For me, language is a fuel that keeps the imagination churning. As the means through which we absorb the world around us, it can be utilised to express our unique ideas, authenticity and sense of self. It is with this in mind that I approach my lettering practice – I love that even the simplest of words and phrases, layered with the creativity of design, hold the potential to communicate something powerful. Even the deconstruction of words into an abstract composition holds the potential to further elevate meaning through pure visual means.


I don’t like to restrict myself stylistically when it comes to letter design. To me it’s a form of play; a way to provide creative balance as an artist who can spend months working on a single canvas. As such I produce work across a wide spectrum of styles and mediums, including brush script, block lettering, calligraphy, as well as more experimental & abstract letter forms.


I have lent my lettering and illustrative skills to a wide array of commercial and conceptual projects, inclusive of print and packaging design, logo creation, exhibitions, murals, commissioned artworks and more. Please see a curated selection of projects and works below.