Cheeky Observer | cheekyobserver
Alicia McFadzean (aka Cheeky Observer) is a visual artist based in Sydney and Cape Town, specialising in murals, typography, illustration and fine art.
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Jun 22 2018

Fragments Of A Mapping

  this, fragments of a mapping nodes of possibility waves turning into particle condensing despite of, or perhaps because of this endless expanse where naught but a myriad of potentials exist   [embed][/embed]...

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The Drawing Room Cafe
Aug 20 2017

Hand Lettering Workshop @ The Drawing Room

A Cheeky and Hand Lettering workshop at The Drawing Room Cafe, Cape Town. Over coffee and baked goods, we had a play with various different styles of traditional and contemporary lettering, including block, brush script, and calligraphy. It was great to have such an enthusiastic...

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Smashing Artist Stereotypes

I wrote this in an effort to try and pass what positive energy I have onto other aspiring creatives. As a collective we can raise the bar and re-educate others on the value of our work - because what we offer is beautiful, singular, inimitable....

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Mar 16 2017

Of Heroes And Craftsmanship

I want to introduce three of my heroes to you. A Formula 1 driver, a ballet dancer, an inventor. Though their professions differ, there is a common thread that link all three together - an astounding discipline, a capacity to push mind and body to...

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Feb 20 2017

International Public Art Festival Cape Town

I was so lucky to be included on the roster of amazing artists participating in the 2017 International Public Art Festival Cape Town.   It was truly a meeting of styles, with the artistic collective bringing such a dynamic array of ideas, techniques and expression to the streets...

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Jan 31 2017

A First

Some recent concept ideas I've been working on for a private tattoo commission. I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise of working with topography maps, seeing the natural curves, swishes, and swirls of the earth from this top down perspective....

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Robben Island Nelson Mandela's Cell
Jan 23 2017

They Call Him Madiba

Over the weekend I made the journey out to Robben Island, which is just off the coast of Cape Town. Robben Island is the place where Nelson Mandela and many other political prisoners of the apartheid era spent years in captivity; the result of fighting for...

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Apr 19 2016

Lessons from Old, Beautiful Things

This vintage treasure was unearthed the other day after about 50 years lying dormant in the back of a wardrobe, a divine rediscovery that gave me something to truly marvel at. In a day and age where most products are made to be purchased, then...

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Travel Ticker Gold Foil Alicia McFadzean
Sep 27 2015

Travel Ticker 3: Up Close

So much beauty in this world lies in the smallest of details. The collection of pictures below are some macro snippets I captured on my travels in various museums, shops and streets across Europe. I found exquisite craftsmanship in glass, gold, paper, neon, sugar, clay,...

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